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Eco Friendly hotels California

Super 8 Ukiah is a certified eco green hotel in Ukiah California located at a special place among beautiful vineyards, bountiful woods and forests. Our guests enjoy the extraordinary beauty of this place with the comforts of all possible modern amenities. But there is a huge responsibility that we feel we need to fulfill being an integral part of the natural system here, a responsibility of maintaining the highest standards of Green, Nature friendly co-existence where we take care that we do not spoil or hinder the working of the nature.

The hotel and tourism industry is growing at a brisk pace and in the coming years it is sure to expand manifolds. This brings along a great degree of responsibility on the shoulders of those associated with the tourism industry as a clean and attractive environment and surroundings are the main pillars of tourist attractions. But even more important is the global scenario of the deteriorating condition of nature that has been the result of excessive human activity. ‘Go Green’ is the cry of the day and we need to make all the possible efforts to curb global warming and all the other kinds of pollutions.

And to make this happen, we extend our hands towards maintaining the Green stand and taking all the possible actions and making every effort to be an Eco friendly hotel. At Super 8 Ukiah hotel, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and work towards creating a surrounding where our hotel works in tandem with the nature without interfering into the demographics of our environment. Due to the increasing climate change and energy crises the need for environment friendly green hotels have increased and we maintain our stand, not just because we have to, but because we feel responsible for creating a place where all things are found in their original, base, unaltered form.

A Green hotel is not just fashion, but it’s the need of the hour that can help retain and extend the beauty of the place where it is situated. Super 8 Ukiah makes every effort to make it a perfect example of a friendly co-existence where neither nature nor our guests are disturbed due to the others presence.

Come alive every morning with our continental super start breakfast. We serve 100% Organic Coffee and Tea, 100% organic Oatmeal cereal, raw sugar and we also use only bio-degradable silverware, plates and Bowels made out of Potato and sugar cane. We conduct periodical audits of the complete property’s compliance making sure that we do not lack in any of the areas and that we are well equipped to be one of the best Eco Green hotels. Super 8 Ukiah conducts efficient waste disposal, water saving strategies, recycling throughout the property, purchasing habits, and many designated Eco-initiatives.

In addition to this we have linen reuse program for stay over guests and other recycling programs. All our rooms are cleaned with Eco friendly chemicals by Eco lab and all our lighting, washer, ice machines, printers are energy star compliance. And the best of all, our pool is a saltwater pool.

Some of the other practices that we rigorously follow are programmable timers and occupational sensors for light systems, use of old news papers for cleaning, double panned Low E windows, employee carpooling, proper disposer of fluorescent light bulbs, and further precautions to assure energy efficiency. Super 8 Ukiah has been awarded a 3 Green Eco-Leaf rating. Our property not only does what we can to care about our guests, but we make various measures that portray our care for our community and environment.

We strongly believe in being the change that we want to see in the world and we live by example to show others the way. We are committed to build and maintain Eco friendly hotel so as to provide the guests the best of nature, and nature the best of us.

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